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What to expect when you submit a contact form

We are honored that you’re interested in joining our ranks.

Our writer group is currently closed to new members. Please fill out the form below to be contacted the next time we have an open writer call.

Please note that we will only accept writers with high-level expertise. Journalism and editing are both acceptable specialties (your expertise doesn’t have to be in a single niche), but if you are newer to the writing profession or you are a topic generalist, our projects won’t be a good fit. “I can write about anything” is not the writer we are looking for.

All of us here at An Army of Writers wish for your continued success as a professional writer.

How it works

Our administrative team engages in outreach and marketing efforts to identify and reach out to companies who may want to establish a solid web presence through content strategy, education and industry expertise. Our marketing efforts mainly focus on the industries where our writers already have established credibility as experts in the field.

To put it another way, we are willing to pound the pavement to find you jobs. Then when you get it, we provide support to help you deliver content that is indisputably top-notch. The ability to offer a full support team behind each writer is our strongest attribute and selling point.

When we find the appropriate client and project, we reach out to the writer who has expertise in that industry. We discuss the project scope, timeline and pricing with the writer to determine an acceptable rate, payment structure and schedule. If our proposal is acceptable to the client, it’s a go.

Who we work with

An Army of Writers is a team of independent freelance writers who share resources and skills to deliver higher quality content. The writers on our team are not only writers. We are experienced professionals who, as writers, specialize in our chosen fields of interest.

You might be a good fit if:

  • You have an advanced degree in your area of expertise
  • You maintain an established website or blog, with traffic, in your area of expertise
  • You have multiple years’ professional experience in your area of expertise
  • You can demonstrate expertise with your samples and client list
  • You can provide links to published samples that have your byline¬†or verifiable private samples

We require research skills beyond Googling.

We do not hire writers!

Our team is made up of independent freelancers. We work autonomously and collaboratively, not in a hierarchical structure. We have no business location. When we take on a project, any participating writers and editors are classified as subcontractors and paid accordingly. This team is about independent writers leveraging skills to help each other deliver content that soars above the competition.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if the writer finds the project?
We have no desire to steal clients. If the writer finds a project but wants full team support for it, great! We can come to an agreement on pricing and move forward in the same manner described above. If not, the writer is never under any obligation to include us or use the services of the team. We are a team of freelancers, and we expect that each writer will maintain his/her own freelance client load.
What if the client doesn't want the team approach?
We work hard to sell your awesomeness, so we require a non-competition agreement from all writers that states, in part, that the writer agrees not to independently take on any job from a client who has already been approached by An Army of Writers. This exclusion generally ends one year after we make our pitch to the potential client, or one year after we stop working with them.
What if the client wants to hire the writer as an employee?
We do not stand in the way of offers for bona fide employment. If a client extends a job offer, we’ll congratulate you and hope you get a window office!
How much is the pay?
Every project is bid independently, so pricing varies. Many of our experts earn $200 to $400 per blog post; rates for content strategy and website content depend on the client’s starting point and the complexity of the topic. High level expertise in narrow niches earns higher rates, of course. Before we submit a bid, we discuss pricing with the writer to ensure an acceptable rate.
How much do you make off the writers?
Pricing for each project includes fees for content strategy, editing, proofreading, fact-checking and administrative tasks. We are completely transparent and offer a breakdown of the fee split to the writer before submitting the bid. Everyone gets paid for their time and effort.

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