Dayna Diamond: digital media director

Dayna Diamond

The visual and the written are inextricably interlinked. At the lowest level, every post needs an identifying header and visual assets to complement the content. At the highest level, every digital asset contributes to the brand’s tone, voice, and message.

Effective content marketing requires digital media expertise.

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Career highlights

Dayna has worked with a number of organizations in addition to An Army of Writers. Here are a few highlights.

  • University of New Mexico German Campus Weeks. Dayna was the poster designer for two years, designing media for the on-campus, embassy-sponsored event. In the second year, she was responsible for each of the promotional posters.
  • LifeSpace blog editor. Dayna is the primary editor and also works in beta testing debriefs.
  • Haven Life blog copyeditor. Dayna was a copyeditor for the Haven Life blog, which included some content management responsibilities.

Work with Dayna

Dayna leads digital media efforts for An Army of Writers, including web design, visual assets, and social media. She is also an accomplished writer and editor, with the skills to add value to a company’s content marketing strategy.

Dayna specializes in:

  • Content writing on digital media, pop culture, and student life
  • Web design through WordPress, Wix, and other platforms, with expertise in HTML and CSS
  • Social media copy and content
  • Digital asset production
  • Photography
  • Promotional material design
  • Photoshop
  • Raster and vector design
  • Book cover design


Some visual assets for content marketing or skill demonstration that Dayna has designed.

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