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An Army of Writers

Who we are

Once upon a time, we were freelance writers. We accepted any job that came along if the pay was acceptable. Our clients needed good writers and we provided that service. No sparks flew.

Even while we did our best to write well for all of our clients, we steadily achieved great things for those who were:

  • Companies where we are qualified to work in leadership positions
  • Brands we believe in
  • Products and services we know well
  • Clients with whom we are proud to partner

In short, we stopped thinking of ourselves as freelance writers and instead identify ourselves in the marketplace as experts who write expertly.

We began to turn away jobs for clients who don’t meet these criteria. We stopped accepting writing assignments in industries where we have no solid experience.

Now, the only jobs we do are those where we can match the perfect writer to his or her dream client.

Now, sparks fly!

As writers, we are happier and more successful.

The best part? Our clients experience spectacular results.

We will help you establish authority and credibility in the online space by pairing an experienced, educated professional with you and your marketing team.

An Army of Writers is a team of writers who specialize. We each have highly specialized knowledge in our industry. We are experts in our fields. The Army was born from our desire to write for only the right clients, leveraging our education and experiences in our chosen fields of interest.

We are a large team. We have expertise in dozens of industries, and our network of professional writers extends to hundreds more.

We can deliver online results for your company because we provide exactly what you need.

An Army of Writers

What we do

We take on only those writing assignments at which we can truly excel, as writers and as brand ambassadors. We write on topics we know intimately, for clients with whom we can align ourselves both personally and professionally. Our content carries the highest degree of credibility because of the name of the author who writes it.

An Army of Writers

What we’re not

We are not a content mill. We do not bid on any writing project that comes along. Many writers claim the ability to write expertly on any topic. We believe that the best written content comes from writers who have deep knowledge of the topic on which they write.

At An Army of Writers, we say no at least as often as we say yes to new writing opportunities. We don’t take on projects in industries where we have no expertise.

Finally, although we are all seasoned industry professionals with a great deal of marketing under our belts, we are not a marketing or SEO agency. Some of our writers are also marketing and SEO professionals, and we partner with several highly successful professional firms and individuals in those fields. For all projects, we do work closely with you or your marketing/SEO professional to nail down overall strategy, provide content that fully supports your campaign and participate fully in marketing efforts. We are writers who know our industries.


Meet the founder

Kimberly Rotter is a professional writer and editor who understands the importance of having two or more sets of eyes on every project. Every writer needs an editor, and complex topics require fact-checking. For that reason, she teamed up with several outstanding independent writers to collaborate on jobs. The team approach worked well, allowing each writer to focus on his or her preferred specialty with the support of a full writing and editing staff on the sideline. An Army of Writers was born.

Kimberly serves as senior editor for the team and writes on personal finance and debt management.